Bahria Paints Unit

Bahria Paints Unit (BPU) has successfully completed 25 years of excellence (year 1991 to 2016) by providing high quality paints to its valued customers. Bahria Paints factory located at NSSD area, West Wharf Road, Karachi is adequately equipped to produce wide range of products as per international standards. This website covers the details of Bahria Paint’s products.

Over the period of time, Bahria Paints attained expertise in producing wide range of Marine Paints as per Naval Specifications and approved Standards; as the Pakistan Navy being its major customer for receiving paints. However, Bahria Paints also offers Commercial and Industrial Paints to open market for various projects. The major strength of Bahria Paints is its experienced, professionally competent & skilled work force and production of high quality paints at very reasonable cost.

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Message From Managing Director

Bahria Paints is a trusted brand name and is progressing well. Launching its products in commercial and industrial sector is a good sign. Bahria Foundation is also endeavoring to see its paint factory to recognize itself and uplift the name of organization with progressive expansion of its business all over Pakistan. My best wishes for successful completion of 25 Years to BPU team which is a testimony of their earned hard work and professional competency.

Vice Admiral (R) Azhar Shamim Anwar HI(M), S.Bt
Managing Director, Bahria Foundation

Bahria Paints products are the right choice available to meet your requirements & desire.

Marine Paints

Marine Paints

Bahria Paints Unit is specialized in producing wide range of Marine Paints as per following standards: Naval Specifications for Paints Def Stan (UK Defence Standards) British Standards Mil Specs (US Military Specifications) ASTM Bahria Marine Paints are being used in

Industrial Paints

Industrial Paints

Following Paints will be Described in this Section of ‘Industrial Paints’: Industrial Synthetic Enamel. Aluminium Dual Pack Paint. Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer. Following Paints also used as Industrial Paints are Produced by BPU and Already Explained in other Sections: