Bahria Paints Unit is specialized in producing wide range of Marine Paints as per following standards:

  • Naval Specifications for Paints
  • Def Stan (UK Defence Standards)
  • British Standards
  • Mil Specs (US Military Specifications)
  • ASTM
Bahria Marine Paints are being used in Pakistan Navy Ships, Submarines, boats, other craft, weapon & equipment since last 25 years with success. Our largely used marine products are:

  • Bahria Under Coat (Weather Work).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (Weather Work).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (Interior Deck & Dadoes).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (General Service).
  • Bahria Fire Retardant Paint (Interior).
  • Bahria Marking Paints.
  • Red Oxide & Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primers.
  • Clear Varnish.
  • Aluminum Dual Pack Paint.
  • Epoxy Paints.
  • Chlorinated Rubber Paints.